Excelsus Structural Solutions' 5th Anniversary celebration

17th September 2017

On the afternoon of September 8th, we had the honor to welcome at Park Innovaare more than 65 participants from all over Europe - early supporters of the company, loyal customers as well as colleagues and friends - who joined the ESS team on the occasion of Excelsus' 5th Anniversary.


We thank all participants for sharing the celebration of this milestone with us!


After a very nice opening speech by Dr. Daniel Kündig (CEO of Park Innovaare), Dr Fabia Gozzo, CEO and founder of Excelsus Structural Solutions welcome the audience and took the opportunity to acknowledge the support and help of several colleagues and friends and underlined the importance of such support during the critical development phases of the company. Very particularly, she mentioned Dr Arturo Araque of Excelsus Scientific Engineering and the Paul Scherrer Institute directorate. At the end of her welcome talk, she surprised the audience with a contribution from Prof. Friso van der Veen (former Head of the Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology Departments at PSI) who participated from his place in Holland. Prof. van der Veen took the opportunity to recall the early stages of the company and renewed his best wishes for further success.


Exceptionally entertaining talks by Prof. Giorgio Margaritondo (EPFL & University of Lugano) & Dr. Christoph Quitmann (MAX IV, Lund, Sweden) followed, who shared their fascinating and personal views of the success behind Excelsus as well as their memories of past collaboration with Fabia.


Then Dr. Arnaud Grandeury (Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland) and Dr. Bernd Hinrichsen (BASF SE, Germany) who have been the very first industrial customers trusting Excelsus' services, shared their rewarding experience collaborating with Excelsus and how the company was able to help them boosting their innovation potential.


Finally, Prof. Joel Mesot (Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute) closed the series of speeches with very supportive concluding remarks that optimistically projected Excelsus' activities in the future in the exciting environment of the upcoming scientific Park Innovaare whose construction is just being started.


The event was honored by the presence of Ms Filomena Pucci, Italian writer, author of "Appassionate", a journey across women who transformed their passion into their enterprises, who distributed copies of her "Appassionate" book and discussed her project in support of women's point of view and innovation potential.

The afternoon proceeded with relaxing discussing surrounded by good food and wine and a magnificent celebrating cake!




"The idea behind Excelsus Structural Solutions was providing synchrotron radiation based analytical services to the industry both at the forefront of research and personalized so to meet their specific needs. We couldn't, therefore, envisage the future of Excelsus without a close collaboration with our customers and partners and the enthusiastic participation to our celebration today reflects the tight relationship we were able to create with the majority of our customers. This busts our energies for the future" -- Dr. Fabia Gozzo, Excelsus CEO and Founder




"The 5th anniversary celebration of Excelsus was a pleasure, and I took the opportunity to talk to several coworkers of Excelsus, other customers of Excelsus, and PSI co-workers. I also visited the SwissFEL for the first time. This was indeed a very fruitful afternoon" -- Dr. Thomas Laube, Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing Sciences, Janssen Cilag AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.




"The celebration was a great opportunity for a solid state theoretician like me to get in touch with experimental scientists, visit laboratories and talk about possible future collaboration in a very relaxed atmosphere" – Dr Laura Zoppi, EMPA and ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland.




"The event was very well organized. It was very nice to be able to visit the SLS and the SINQ. The dinner was a great opportunity to meet new people!" - Dr Jessica Soto, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland




"The visit was fabulous, I realized it was really a chance to walk through these buildings (SLS, SINQ) and look at the connected laboratories. The given explanations were clear, comprehensive and interesting. As a Student Intern at Novartis (Basel), it was really a chance to participate to such an event. " - Morgane Jelsch, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland




"It was a great pleasure to attend Excelsus 5th anniversary at the Park Innovaare. Excelsus is a strong partner for Crystallise! AG as we both complement on our services for the Pharma-, Agro-, and Chemical industries. We are looking forward for future nice collaboration." Dr. Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, Co-founder and CTO, Crystallise! AG, Switzerland.




"5 Years of ExcelsusSS! Inspiring story - visionary people - formidable buffet!"  - Dr. Gunther Steinfeld, Co-founder and CEO, Crystallise! AG, Switzerland.








Are you interested in learning more about Excelsus? Stay tuned and visit our website.

Women's passion - the new frontier of innovation by Filomena Pucci

1st September 2017

Based on the "Appassionate" project – a book about women who transform their own passion into enterprises


"I strongly believe that if we want to innovate the world, the frontier to cross and the land to discover will be the women's view of the world."



My work has always been to find stories that are worth telling and bring them to a wider audience through words. Since 2014, my research has become entirely devoted to stories of women who have been able to transform their passions into enterprises. In a production environment established for centuries and present throughout the world, the two elements – passion and women – represent an interesting novelty and a real opportunity for innovation.

In my work, I have discovered interesting data showing that the viewpoint of women is the frontier of a new and real innovation in the production and business world. In Italy, there are 1,320,000 enterprises run by women, one of the highest numbers in Europe (Unioncamere, 2016), and they have higher longevity, i.e. they fail less frequently than those run by men. Women-run businesses, therefore, guarantee a higher level of job security. But the most interesting fact pertains to the areas in which women are creating their enterprises. Even if the majority fall within traditional sectors of Italian industry, as many as 40% do not belong to any standard category: therefore, women invent new jobs and capture new markets.


A few months ago, I met Fabia Gozzo, CEO of Excelsus Structural Solutions, a spin-off company of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). Her company now has two headquarters: in Brussels and at PARK INNOVAARE, an innovation park in Switzerland. For a long time, I had wanted to interview a woman scientist to link my idea of passion with the world of science. The first time I met Fabia, I was fascinated by the happiness in her eyes as she talked about her work and her laboratory. We were in the garden of the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels, with wine and many people; during the party, she started to explain to me concepts like synchrotron light and polymorphs. Despite my bad grades in high school physics, I understood everything. At that moment, I realized that we were more similar than I had expected: while I use words to enter the core of issues, Fabia uses light. Read the article

Interview of Fabia Gozzo on the Italian newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA

28th July 2017

Appassionate is a project, a book and a site that tells stories of women and business. The mission of the author, Filomena Pucci, is to inspire people so to transform their passion into a professional job as...'what you like to do is the thing you can do better'. She does this by spreading stories of women who have been able to do so. She recently interviewed Fabia Gozzo, Founder and CEO of Excelsus Structural Solutions and the article was published on the Italian newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA.



5 Years Anniversary of ESS

6th June 2017

Excelsus Structural Solutions' team is pleased to invite you to celebrate the company's 5th anniversary to be hosted at Park Innovaare (Villigen, Switzerland) on September 8th, 2017. This event will bring together ESS scientists, early supporters of the company, loyal customers as well as researchers active internationally in industry and academia.


More information about the event here.

Lead article of Switzerland Innovation newsletter about our latest achievements
12th May 2017

An article describing the unprecedented level of detection recently achieved by Excelsus Structural Solutions was chosen as lead article of the Switzerland Innovation newsletter.


'Innovation in Practice' Event with Excelsus Structural Solutions
7th March 2017

INNOVATION in PRACTICE is the platform for the practice-oriented exchange of ideas on all aspects of innovation and technology management. In the form of one- or multi-part sessions, the format facilitates an in-depth discussion of specific issues, for example from the areas of R&D strategy, product development, technology transfer and IP management.


Involve your partners 

In the session 2/3 of INNOVATION in PRACTICE focused on 'Processes and Productivity', Dr. Fabia Gozzo (ESS) and Dr. Arnaud Grandeury (Novartis Pharma AG) presented a practical example of a close collaboration, demonstrating that innovation is not a uniquely internal process and often emerges from joint projects. Over 25 industry representatives and researchers gathered at PARK INNOVAARE to share their experience on how companies deal with process innovation today and learn more about new approaches.



More about the event.



Switzerland Innovation PARK INNOVAARE welcomes Excelsus Structural Solutions
1st April 2016

Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss) AG, Villigen, a spin-off company of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), has moved to PARK INNOVAARE's deliveryLAB. Focusing on industrial R&D, Excelsus offers synchrotron-radiation-based analytical services to the industry, with emphasis on pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals.

Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss) AG received a warm welcome as a new resident high-tech company of PARK INNOVAARE from Prof. Daniel Kündig, CEO of PARK INNOVAARE, and Dr. Giorgio Travaglini, Head of the PSI Technology Transfer department. On April 27th, they met with Dr. Fabia Gozzo, founder and CEO of Excelsus, for a short ceremony at PARK INNOVAARE to symbolically mount the company's name plate on the outside wall of its new headquarters.


A win-win choice for PARK INNOVAARE and Excelsus

"With Excelsus being part of PARK INNOVAARE, we are gaining momentum for our growth. It is a big step forward for the development of the scientific park," says Prof. Daniel Kündig. Also for Excelsus, the relocation to PARK INNOVAARE is certainly having a positive impact. In the middle of the vibrating PSI campus, the company can truly benefit from PARK INNOVAARE's fast growing network, enlarge its customer basis and initiate new partnerships as well as facilitate the recruiting of experienced staff.


More on Excelsus Structural Solutions' transition to PARK INNOVAARE.


Interview with Fabia Gozzo, Excelsus Structural Solutions' CEO and Founder.

Crystallics and Excelsus Announce Partnership in SR-XRPD Technology
2nd March 2015

The Dutch company Crystallics and Excelsus Structural Solutions (ESS) have announced a cooperation agreement where Crystallics will promote ESS' synchrotron technology for solid state characterization of pharmaceutical substances and products.


About Crystallics:

Crystallics is a science driven research organization specialized in the identification, characterization and selection of the physical forms of drug substances and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Crystallics is a pioneer in the field of solid state research and has developed a number of unique and proprietary technologies. These technologies, together with a strong customer focus, make Crystallics a global leader in solid form screening and selection. The company has a staff of 15 qualified employees and operates a 850m2 facility. For more information, please visit:


More on the partnership.

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