2nd joint AIC-SILS Conference

Firenze, Italy

15-18 September 2014

The second joint conference of the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC) and of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society (SILS) was held in Florence.

The program selected by the Scientific committees will encourage the participation and contacts between members of the two groups involved, enabling the exchange of ideas in scientific fields all of which concern the study of the properties of condensed matter (such as crystal growth, nanoscience, methods and techniques for the determination of atomic, electronic and vibrational structure, molecular recognition, polymer and materials science, molecular medicine and structural biology).



23rd Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography

Palais des congrès, Montreal, Canada

5-12th August 2014


In the prestigious 2014 International Year of Crystallography, the International Union of Crystallography invited Excelsus Structural Solutions to present its activities in the field of SR-XRPD applied to the structural analyses of pharmaceuticals at the MS38 Symposium with the title " X-Rays Techniques for innovation in industry" on August 8th, 2014.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo participated to the event as a speaker.


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Powder Diffraction School - Modern Synchrotron Methods

Villigen PSI, Switzerland

1-4 July 2014

The school aims to provide a general overview of modern synchrotron powder diffraction methods and their ever increasing range of applications in materials science, chemistry, physics, life sciences and engineering.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo participated to the event as a lecturer, and Excelsus Structural Solutions sponsored the school.



14th European Powder Diffraction Conference

Aarhus, Denmark

15-18 June 2014

The 14th European Powder Diffraction Conference took place at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. EPDIC is the only European conference dedicated to all aspects of the analysis of polycrystalline materials by diffraction methods.

A keynote lecture was held by Dr. Paolo Mazzeo on the topic 'Advances in Synchrotron XRPD for Enhanced Characterization of Pharmaceuticals'.


BioValley Stammtisch basel

Villigen PSI, Switzerland

26th March 2014

The Swiss Light Source (SLS) at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) provides a comprehensive range of research and development services. The expertise and infrastructure of the PSI are open to companies. With this event, we would like to encourage greater use of our facilities by industrial partners and present pathways to facilitate collaborations between industry and our institute.

Dr. Paolo Mazzeo held a talk on 'X-ray Powder Diffraction for the enhanced characterization of pharmaceuticals'.


International Workshop on Powder & Electron Crystallography

University of Patras, Greece

8-12 July 2013


This international school covered a variety of topics concerning powder and electron crystallography, among which the experimental methods, sample preparation, detectors and synchrotron radiation methods for powder diffraction; as well as the physical bases of the electron diffraction and their special features with respect to X-ray and neutron diffraction.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo held a lecture on Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction.




7th Crystal form @ Bologna

Bologna, Italy

9-11 June 2013

A three-day convention was organized in Bologna by the group of Molecular Crystal Engineering (Prof. Dario Braga - University of Bologna) and by the spinoff company PolyCrystalLine s.r.l.

The state of the art in the preparation, screening and characterization of cystal forms (polymorphs, hydrates, co-crystals, salts, amorphous etc.) was discussed. Formulation applications and protocols, and structure-property relationships were reviewed and experiences on patenting and intellectual property issues were compared.




PPXRD-12: Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium

Beijing, China

20-24 May 2013

Aim of this conference was to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of XRD and pharmaceutical sciences. Topics covered included quality control, pre-formulation, formulation and development, pharmaceutical analysis, drug delivery, regulatory issues, patent and intellectual property issues.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo held the following talk: 'Advances in Synchrotron XRPD for the Enhanced Characterization of Pharmaceuticals'.


11th TOPAS Users´ Meeting

Gaithersburg, MD, USA

20-21 April 2013

The meeting provided a review of state of the art profile fitting analyses using the program TOPAS. The major component was to demonstrate TOPAS's outstanding modeling methods and related applications in X-ray and neutron diffraction, including, but not limited to; microstructure analysis quantitative phase analysis magnetic / crystal structure determination and refinement.



International Workshop on Fundamentals of Crystallography

University of Patras, Greece

1-7 April 2013

Advanced lectures of crystallography and theory of diffraction were successfully delivered by Professor Carmelo Giacovazzo (Author of "Fundamentals of Crystallography", "Direct Phasing in Crystallography" and 2009 MAX PERUTZ ECA prize).

Dr. Fabia Gozzo was part of the organizing committee.



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