SPS-XRPD-3 - 3rd Edition of the Spring Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction Workshop

Purdue University, Indiana, USA

19-20th May 2023





Excelsus Structural Solutions is pleased to announce the return of this popular and informative workshop!

Following previous workshops held at Purdue in 2018 and the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland in 2019, the workshop returns to Purdue in 2023.

Attendees can network with solid-state experts from around the world, learn how synchrotron-XRPD can be used to tackle industrial drug development issues, and discuss how synchrotron-XRPD can play a crucial role in patent litigation and intellectual property protection.

More information on past editions here: 2018 and 2019 past editions SPS-XRPD editions

More information on this 3rd edition here

10 Years celebration of Excelsus Structural Solutions

20-21 October 2022 Villigen, Switzerland


On 20-21 October 2022 Excelsus Structural Solutions celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a two-days event involving workshops on Pharmaceutical Applications and Methods, individual expert exchanges, tours to the Paul Scherrer's Institute large facilities, and a big birth-day party. The celebration of this important milestone offered the unique possibility to test ESS analytical services free of charge on a few test samples provided prior to the meeting and discuss with an ESS expert in a dedicated "Meet and Excelsus Expert" section. This event brought together ESS scientists, early supporters of the company, loyal customers as well as reserachers active internationally in industry and academia.


More information on this event can be found here

ONLINE EVENT: X-ray Powder Diffraction at DESY - new opportunities for research and industry

Online Event

22-25 June 2020



In order to identify current and future scientific and industrial demands in X-ray powder diffraction applications a virtual workshop will be held on June 22th - 25th 2020. This workshop will gather the input from the user community on how to evolve and enhance the methods and techniques provided within the existing PETRA III diffraction stations as well as beyond. The workshop is meant to serve as a melting pot for new ideas from science and industry. The aim is to identify key aspects and provide DESY with a community backed concept for current and future developments (eg development of new beamlines at PETRA III / PETRA IV).


Dr. Fabia Gozzo, CEO of Excelsus, will give a talk about 'Exploring Synchrotron-XRPD for the characterization of pharmaceuticals' on June, 24th 2020 at 14h10.




Joint meeting: PPXRD-16 and SPS-XRPD-2

Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland

9-12 May 2019



In 2019, the 16th edition of the Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD-16) is organized together with the second edition of the Spring Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction workshop (SPS-XRPD-2) by the ICDD and Excelsus Structural Solutions. This joint meeting will provide the opportunity for industrial, academic, and government scientists to hear from leading experts in the area of diffraction methods for pharmaceutical materials characterization. Fundamental, intermediate, and advanced techniques will be presented that will be useful for application in all laboratory settings. This year, SPS-XRPD is joining with PPXRD to highlight the most exciting recent developments and opportunities in pharmaceutical R&D made possible by synchrotron XRPD. The joint meeting also offers the chance to engage an active network of synchrotron, academic and industrial pharmaceutical scientists, promote awareness of this technique and lower the barriers to access synchrotron XRPD and total scattering techniques.

Click here for past editions of PPXRD

Click here for the first edition of SPS-XRPD in 2018

9th International HeCrA Conference

University of Patras, Greece

5-7 October 2018

The 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Crystallographic Association (HECRA) will take place in October 5-7, 2018 at the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras in Greece. The conference is co-organized by HECRA, the University of Patras and the Foundation for Research and Technology. The aim of this meeting is to promote and support research and education in the fields of crystallography and structure in Greece. The forthcoming conference will include plenaries and microsymposia dedicated to recent advances in CryoEM, XFELs, synchrotrons, spectroscopic methods and other related techniques for the study of materials, inorganics, small organics and biomacromolecules, emphasizing the progress of structural sciences in recent years.


Dr. Fabia Gozzo is member of the Scientific Committee and gave a plenary lecture.



XTOP 2018 - 14th Biennial Conference on High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging

Bari, Italy

3-7 September 2018


The 14th​ Biennial Conference on​ High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging will take place in Bari, Italy, from​ 3rd​ to 7th​ September 2018.​ The first day is devoted to​ the companion school with tutorial lectures, aimed (not only) to students. XTOP brings together scientists from the fields of X-ray diffractometry, reflectometry, standing waves, coherent and conventional X-ray diffraction imaging and topography, as well as X-ray absorption and phase contrast imaging. XTOP is thus one of the central scientific conference concerning methods and instrumentation in laboratory and synchrotron-based high-resolution X-ray diffraction methods, phase contrast imaging, and micro-tomography.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo is a member of XTOP 2018 scientific advisory board and Excelsus Structural Solutions has sponsored the conference.




16th European Powder Diffraction Conference


John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University, UK

1st - 4th July 2018




EPDIC16 is dedicated to all aspects of the analysis of polycrystalline materials by diffraction methods. The Conference will highlight the latest developments in powder diffraction including methodology, data analysis and instrumental advances. EPDIC16 will bring together practitioners from institutes, universities and instrumentation companies to discuss progress in academic and industrial research related to powder diffraction.

Excelsus was presenting recent progresses in exploring real time amorphization in organic pharmaceutical compounds via in situ ball milling and the applications of PDF analysis to organic molecular compounds.




1st Spring Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Workshop

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

6th-8th May 2018


Advanced analytical techniques are among the keys to success in drug discovery. To remain competitive, pharmaceutical companies must stay at the forefront of innovation and judiciously apply cutting-edge techniques to boost the efficiency and outcomes of pharmaceutical drug development. In this context, Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction (S-XRPD) is a very powerful technique to add to the analytical toolbox.

The SPS-XRPD workshop will highlight the most exciting recent developments in pharmaceutical R&D, achieved thanks to S-XRPD. It also offers the opportunity to join an active network of synchrotron and industrial pharmaceutical scientists, collaborating to promote awareness of this technique to a wider audience and lower the barriers to access synchrotron characterization techniques.


Excelsus Structural Solutions is co-organizer of the workshop with Purdue University and will participate to the whole event. Don't hesitate to register and meet our team there!



Read the testimonials on the following link: Testimonials







CCG/IG Autumn Meeting 2017

Downing College, University of Cambridge, UK

21-22 November 2017


The joint Autumn 2017 Meeting of the British Crystallographic Association Chemical and Industrial groups will be held on 21st – 22nd November 2017 at Downing College, University of Cambridge. The theme is ‘Design of Crystalline Products'. Session topics include: Crystal Engineering, Property Control & Prediction, Crystallisation & Crystallisability, Pharmaceutical Product Design plus a focused early career session.

Dr Mathilde Reinle-Schmitt will give an oral presentation in the Early Career Session.



Baltic Tram Mid-Term Conference

Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden

25-26 October 2017

Meet our team there !


The conference will highlight various activities, projects and framework conditions for a better support of access opportunities for Industry/SMEs to analytical research facilities. It will have a true added value for industry by presenting practical offers, how to collaborate with analytical facilities.

During the first day of the conference the discussion will revolve around the innovation policy issues. The second day of the conference will give an overview of existing or upcoming support offers of high importance to the industry / SMEs.

Dr Fabia Gozzo gave a talk on the second day on 'Harnessing synchrotron radiation technology to meet industrial needs'.



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