Innovation in Practice - Processes and Productivity

Park InnovAare, Villigen, Switzerland

7th March 2017


INNOVATION in PRACTICE is the platform for the practice-oriented exchange of ideas on all aspects of innovation and technology management. In the form of one- or multi-part sessions, the format facilitates an in-depth discussion of specific issues, for example from the areas of R&D strategy, product development, technology transfer and IP management. The format is designed to address R&D leaders from industry as well as representatives from scientific research who want to cultivate the dialogue on equal footing.

In the session 2/3 of 'Innovation in practice' focused on 'Processes and Productivity', Dr. Fabia Gozzo (ESS) and Dr. Arnaud Grandeury (Novartis Pharma AG) presented a practical example of a close collaboration, demonstrating that innovation is not a uniquely internal process and often emerges from joint projects. 



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Baltic TRAM opening conference

DESY, Hamburg, Germany

26th October 2016

Investments in research and innovative capacity provide an opportunity for boosting competitiveness and growth in Europe. Large-scale research infrastructures offer huge potential in testing state-of-the-art solutions. But how do we secure efficient and balanced access to these facilities? This conference described the situation, highlighted some new ideas and projects in Europe and discussed what structures are needed for better research-industry cooperation, looking at how academia can support companies in their innovation processes.

The contribution of spin-off companies which act as a bridge between industry and large scale facilities was described by Excelsus Structural Solutions in the talk: ‘Excelsus Structural Solutions as an Intermediary between Industry and Advanced Analytical Services based at Large Facilities'. Part of this presentation is available for download.



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SILS conference 2016 (Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society)

Bari, Italy

21-23 September 2016

Great success of the SILS Conference 2016, held in Bari last 21-23 September at the Physics Department. More than 70 registered participants, numerous invited talks and oral contributions and also contributions in the form of posters have animated the Conference presenting multiple activities going on in the different sectors in which the SILS operates. 

Dr. Fabia Gozzo took part to the event as an invited speaker.




Powder Diffraction School - Modern Synchrotron Methods

Villigen PSI, Switzerland

22-26 August 2016

The powder diffraction school 2016 at PSI was organized as a satellite meeting of the european crystallographic conference in Basel. The school, with an updated in-depth programme, gave a broad overview of all the modern possibilities using synchrotron radiation, starting with a general theoretical introduction to the various methods and applications. Hands-on practicals with selected synchrotron XRPD experiments and exhaustive analysis of the collected data were the central part of the school and provided the student with a solid fundamental understanding of these essential and versatile experimental techniques. 

Drs. Fabia Gozzo and Ruggero Frison were invited as lecturers, Excelsus Structural Solutions sponsored the event.



15th European Powder Diffraction Conference

Bari, Italy

12-15 June 2016

The aim of the Conference is to highlight the latest developments and achievements in the methodological, applicative and instrumental fields of powder diffraction.

EPDIC15 is a great forum that brings together scientists and instrumentation companies to discuss about progress in academic and industrial research related to powder diffraction. 

ESS sponsored the event.



PPXRD-14: Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium

Fort Myers, Florida, USA

6-9 June 2016

PPXRD-14 once again provided a friendly forum for the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of XRD and pharmaceutical sciences. This year, the symposium returned to Fort Myers, Florida, with the scenic Sanibel Harbour Marriott as our host, during the week of 6-9 June 2016. Nearly 40 attendees from ten countries were in attendance.  

Drs Fabia Gozzo and Mathilde Reinle-Schmitt took part to the event as instructors for the full-day workshop on Monday, focusing on Quantitative Phase Analysis by XRPD.  A review of recent advances in the quantitative phase analysis of pharmaceuticals by the internal standard method was given during the conference by Mathilde Reinle-Schmitt.




1st Excelsus Advanced Lectures of X-ray crystallography with Carmelo Giacovazzo

Bologna, Italy

9-12 September 2015

Excelsus Structural Solutions in collaboration with Professor Carmelo Giacovazzo and the "G. Ciamician" Chemistry Department at the University of Bologna (Prof. Lucia Maini) organized the 1st of a series of advanced trainings addressed to a scientific industrial audience with interest in X-Ray Powder Diffraction and its applications to small organic molecular compounds.



Trento, Italy

8-10 July 2015

The Department of Physics of the University of Trento and the SILS, Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society organized the XXIII SILS Meeting in Trento, between the 8 and the 10 of July 2015, at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento.

Dr. Paolo Mazzeo contributed to the event as a keynote speaker.




Bologna, Italy

14-16 June 2015

A three-day convention focused on crystals targeted for the food and pharma industries, with the expanding neutraceutic area in between. Aspects related to nucleation, crystal growth, crystal forms and amorphous solids were covered.

The presentation 'The impact of qualitative and quantitative synchrotron-XRPD trace analyses on the characterization of pharmaceuticals' was given by Dr. Fabia Gozzo.




Bad Herrenalb, Germany

18-21 May 2015

This conference aimed at creating a forum for the exchange of knowledge and cutting-edge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of XRD and pharmaceutical sciences.

Dr. Fabia Gozzo took part to the event as an instructor for the Workshop on Quantitative Phase Analysis by XRPD and gave a talk during the conference covering 'The Impact of Qualitative and Quantitative Synchrotron-XRPD Trace Analyses on the Characterization of Pharmaceuticals'.



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