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Novartis owns strong technical and scientific capabilities allowing us rapidly assess and resolve problems that might arise. Each material has the potential to present different challenges and technical features. Some may be straightforward and routine, others may be complex. We have further enhanced our analytical capability by forming a partnership with Excelsus Structural Solutions (ESS). For complex tasks requiring a creative, technical or logistical solution, a specialist service such as SR-XRPD was not available worldwide. Faced with exceptionally challenging deadlines our partnership with ESS has been very successful in improving our ability to deliver quick solutions. ESS brings energy, pride and passion on everything they do, they innovate and improve. This partnership has been found to ensure a smooth transition of products during drug product development, underpinning more conventional routes.


Arnaud Grandeury, PhD

Novartis Leading Scientist

TRD Analytical Operations

Novartis Campus



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