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Analytical Services

Our analytical services are provided with the highest flexibility.

  • We always assist our customers in the choice of the appropriate experimental conditions and the definition of the experimental plan that better suits their project.
  • We prepare the samples, organize and perform the synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction measurements, reprocess the data (i.e. angular calibration, flat field correction, normalization to the I0 current) and calibrate the synchrotron photon wavelength as well as the residual 2theta-zero-offset and sample displacement error.




ESS can be involved at three different levels, as summarized below:


Level I: Data collection and brief experimental report


If our customers wish to analyze the synchrotron XRPD data themselves:


  1. We deliver the synchrotron data ready to be analyzed
  2. A brief experimental report that details the experimental conditions under which the experiments were performed



Level II: Whole analytical service
If our customer opt for a whole analytical service by Excelsus, we analyze and interpret the synchrotron XRPD data ourselves according to a scheme defined during technical discussions that always precede the experiments:


  1. We start with a careful inspection of the data followed by the data analysis as agreed (e.g. qualitative trace analysis via phase identification, ab-initio indexation, structure solution and refinement, quantitative phase analysis).
  2. If the analysis has proceeded as expected, we draft a detailed experimental report and submit it to the company responsible scientist as base for a discussion. A scientific discussion follows after which a final scientific report is promptly generated and delivered according to the company specific needs. If necessary, additional analysis is performed at this stage.
  3. If the analysis has not proceeded as expected (e.g. unsuccessful indexation suggesting the coexistence of more than one phase, discovery of unexpected contamination by a second polymorph etc.), plots that summarize the results are generated and discussed during a face-to-face meeting or a teleconference. Results are discussed in the context of additional independent investigations eventually performed in parallel and a new plan-of-action together defined. These give-and-take discussions have proved being extremely fruitful in the majority of our projects.


Level III: Consulting work


ESS assists you in the design of your experiments through consulting work:

  • Assistance for patent application, patent-life extension and patent litigations
  • Pre-clinical selection of new compounds
  • Technical development and life-cycle management of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulated products
  • Quality-by-Design development of pharmaceuticals
  • Process validation and comparability studies
  • Troubleshooting and discrepancy investigations during commercial manufacturing
  • Assistance for counterfeit detection studies
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